Revenue Management

For medium and small hotels (under 100 rooms)


Only pay a reasonable fixed monthly fee, you will have a full integrated products and services as the following package:


  1. Usage of professional Property Management System (PMS). Automate your hotel business to increase efficiency and reduced dependency.
  2. Usage of Booking engine for hotel’s website and Facebook page to increase guest’s experience on the reservation process and maximize online sales opportunity.
  3. Usage of Channel Manager to manage room inventory and price on OTAs, booking engine and GDS. It helps hotel to optimize sales via online channels.
  4. Basic Revenue Management Service. Support hotel to forecast market demand, build appropriate dynamic pricing strategy to optimize revenue as well as profitability for hotel. Includes: 
  • Sales statistic and analysis report.
  • Forecasting demand.
  • Advising pricing strategy and revenue optimization for hotel.


Hotel e-commerce service including of setting up and manage OTAs, booking engine for web and GDS. This helps to increase visibility and sales for online channels.


Note: The hotel will be supported installing software for free, no need to worry about the technical issues.


Call us (+855) 92 967 375 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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