About I-Hoteliers Asia (Cambodia)

I-Hoteliers Asia Co., Ltd is the leading innovative, dynamic and multi-dimensional company, providing services for global hospitality, travel and tourism management corporations. We specialize in brand building and brand extension for both leisure and corporate hospitality clients through sales, marketing, public relations, travel & tourism products and services representation throughout Asia. I-Hoteliers provides the professional and exclusive ways to support high quality and dynamic visual branding for our clients.

I-Hoteliers Asia professionally creates exclusive ways to capture and project visually pleasing brand messages to attract your prospective customers in the high velocity hospitality and travel industries. Our Sales & Marketing, Public Relations representation services are headquartered in Siem Reap with branch office in Phnom Penh, Sihanouk Ville. We are strong in apparel hospitality, travel and tourism industry representation and use various methodologies to promote your organization’s brand and key differentiators. We provide regional sales missions to key targeted cities and attend major Asian travel trade shows and engage in hospitality and tourism activities in order to launch our client’s brand awareness in key Asian cities.


I-Hoteliers Asia is committed to building our client’s brand awareness and addressing the gap between international travel and hospitality products and the Asian market. I-Hoteliers Asia works closely with our clients and utilizes our relationships with key travel and hospitality players to build successful brands for our clients in Asia. I-Hoteliers Asia achieves this by working with you and driving your establishment distribution channels as well as creating new channels to obtain superior results for your travel and hospitality related products. I-Hoteliers Asia will build your brand to the point where it is easily recognized and more importantly, “demanded” by existing and new customers.


In summary, I-Hoteliers Asia will work with you to build your brand to the position where it is self-sustaining and create a successful growing business with year-on-year increasing profits from Asia. 



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